Do you think that you or your class has what it takes to build the most efficient, functional, and innovative wind turbine? Try your luck at the KidWind Challenge! Be creative, have fun, and apply your knowledge of wind energy as part of our state-wide challenge.

When students participate in a KidWind Challenge they will:

  • Discover the promise and limitations of wind energy technology
  • Design, build, and test a functional creative wind turbine
  • Compete with their peers in a supportive environment

Wind is the fastest growing energy resource in the United States today, and in this workshop, you will engage in activities that will introduce you to the science behind wind energy while putting easy-to-use tools in your hands. These activities are designed to prepare your students and get them excited about the KidWind Challenge.

Classroom inquiries of wind energy science, including the benefits and challenges to harnessing the power of the wind, designed to support students in learning “difficult-to-hold-onto” concepts like energy conversion and transfer, electricity generation, and our energy future.

This workshop will go “beyond pinwheels” with investigations of turbine blade and generator designs that encourage and demand analytical thinking. Activities explore various aspects of wind development from turbine and generator design to wind-wildlife interactions to how public perception impacts wind technology. You and your colleagues will leave inspired by the wide array of classroom and grade-level adaptations. With applications for middle level and high school students, your students will gain the knowledge, skills, and resources to design, build, and test their own wind turbine.


$50 Includes Lunch.

Materials Provided:

Teachers will receive materials to support students participating in the KidWind Challenge.


Maximum Enrollment is 24.


Ashley Rapsinski, M. Ed

Research Assistant

Email: | Phone: 814-865-1713

Kathleen Hill, PhD

Associate Director
Assistant Professor of Science Education

Email: | Phone: 814-863-2275

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